Proxy sites unblocks your favorite websites and allows you to surf anonymously if you want personal online privacy to prevent attack from hackers. NEW FREE PROXY LIST offers new and free proxy sites list regularly to give you the fastest proxy servers available for you to use. We have free proxy list for most social and email websites on the net!


Blogger / Blogspot Proxy Sites

Are you blocked from blogger/blogspot website? Check out these unblockers, they're proxy sites to help you unblock blogger/blogspot from your office or school computer. Now you can blog anytime, and anywhere!

Blogger / Blogspot Proxy
Blogger / Blogspot Proxy 1
Blogger / Blogspot Proxy 2
Blogger / Blogspot Proxy 3
Blogger / Blogspot Proxy 4

Xanga Proxy Sites

Access your Xanga blogs anytime with the use of these fast and free Xanga proxy sites. Now you can share your blogs, photos, and videos with your friends at Xanga again. Check them out here:

Xanga Proxy
Xanga Proxy 1
Xanga Proxy 2
Xanga Proxy 3
Xanga Proxy 4

Orkut Proxies

Are your blocked from orkut by your school or office computer? There's a solution to that! You can use these proxy sites to bypass the block and access Orkut again anytime anywhere as long as you have internet access of course!

Hi5 Proxies

Gimme five for you have found a way to access Hi5 and unblock it from any firewall! Nothing beats these Hi5 proxy sites because it's fast, free, and reliable. Check them out!

Bebo Proxies

Bebo addicts should not worry anymore that they can't access Bebo because it is blocked. By using Bebo proxy sites, you can access Bebo anytime and anywhere without worrying if it is gonna be blocked by some firewall. Check out these Bebo Proxy sites:

Friendster Proxies

Connect with your friends again using these Friendster unblockers. It fast, free and guaranteed to bypass any firewall so can you view Friendster anytime, anywhere. Check them out:

Multiply Proxies

Unblock from any firewall with that help of these fast and free proxy servers. Now you can browse Multiply again anytime and anywhere, just use these proxy sites below:

Facebook Proxies

Can't access Facebook? It maybe because it is blocked by a firewall. Unblock facebook by using proxy websites to bypass the block. Then you can have all the fun you want connecting with your friends again on facebook!

MySpace Proxies

Are you blocked from MySpace? No worries! Just use these proxy servers to unblock your computer from a firewall and gain full access to MySpace again!

YouTube Proxies

Unblock Youtube using these fast and free proxy services. Now you can watch videos anytime and anywhere with the help of these proxy websites.

LiveJournal Proxy Sites

Access LiveJournal from your school, college, or office with the use of these fast proxy sites to help you unblock LiveJournal from the firewall. Blog all you want and connect with friends with the use of these proxy servers: Proxy Sites

Nothing can block the social music revolution with the help of these Last.FM Proxy Sites. These are fast and reliable proxy servers that you can use anytime to access Last.FM. Music is the revolution!

LinkedIn Proxy Sites

get Linked In again with the use of these LinkedIn proxy server to help you bypass the firewall that is blocking LinkedIn from your computer. Talk to business friends anytime using these proxy sites below:

iMeem Proxy Sites

Unblock iMeem fro your school or office with the help of these anonymous proxy servers. Get to hear and discover new music anytime with the help of these reliable unblockers. Music is life!

Habbo Proxy Websites

Access Habbo anytime with the use of these fast and reliable proxy servers. Unblock Habbo from any firewall then you can socialize and make new friends again over at

Friends Reunited Proxy List

Reunite with your friends again with the help of these Friends Reunited Proxy Sites. Connecting with your friends is no problem anymore. as you can use these proxy server anywhere and anytime!

Fotolog Proxy List

Looking to unblock Fotolog from your school or office computer? Here are some proxy sites to help you do it. Enjoy photo blogging anytime with the help of these Fotolog proxy sites:

Flixster Proxy List 1

is Flixster blocked from your computer? You can use these proxy sites to help you unblock Filxster and enjoy reading and sharing movie reviews anytime again!

ICQ Proxy List

Need to access ICQ from some important matters but it is blocked? Don't worry there is a solution to that problem.. You can use proxy server to bypass the block and gain full access again to ICQ. Check out these proxy sites to help you unblock ICQ.

MSN Messenger Proxy List

Cant use MSN Messenger in your school? Well it might be blocked by your administrator. if you need to talk to someone important, you can use a proxy server so you can unblock MSN Messenger from your computer. Chech out these proxy websites:

Yahoo Messenger Proxy List

Need to talk to someone over Yahoo Messenger? No problem if it is blocked because you can still use a proxy server to unblock Yahoo Messenger and chat all you want with your important someone!

Solar Clean Team

The new and innovative way to promote an eco-friendly and clean source for energy.Solar energy is one of the safest and most friendly,efficient source for fueling the planet.Not only that but, even browsing the internet websites that are blocked or locked in your schools or offices like social networking sites and fun sites.Featuring:

California Proxy

Access blocked urls anywhere at anytime, any moment.Use the fastest growing proxy site in California.Be able to access your favorite sites such as youtube, myspace and friendster with no hassle.

Faceparty Proxy Sites

With more than 7 million members now, FaceParty has joined the list of the biggest social networking sites on the net in fact, it is subtitled as the "biggest party on earth". It is made specially for teenagers aged below 30. If FaceParty is blocked from your computer then you cna use these proxy websites below to bypass the block and unblock faceparty from your PC: Proxy Sites

Classmates is a social networking site online since 1995. It is niched around students from different states in the US. You can find old and new friends from college, workplace, or military in there. If is blocked from your school, college, or office, you can use these proxy websites to help you unblock from your computer:

Buzznet Proxy Sites

Buzznet is a social media community niched on music, celebrities, pop culture, and movies. It allows members to share media contents based on their interests. This site is one of the fastest growing and you may sometimes find that it is blocked from a computer by a filter. If you're in this situation, you can unblock Buzznet by using these proxy servers below. Proxy Sites is a video community and live webcam social network, it allows chat with the site's other users through a live webcam chat feature. If is blocked from your computer, you can use these free proxy sites to unblock broadcaster:

Black Planet Proxy Sites

Black Planet is a social networking site popular among African Americans. It is currently the 5th largest social networking site in terms of traffic. It's been online since 1999. If you find that Black Planet website is blocked from your computer by your school or office administrator don't worry, because you can still have full access to it by using any of the proxy websites listed below:

Bahu Proxy Sites

Bahu is a social networking site popular among students from France, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Portugal and Europe. It's one of the fastest growing social networking site today. If you find that Bahu is blocked from your computer and you can't access it. Try using any of these proxy servers to unblock Bahu from your computer.

A Small World Proxy Sites

ASmallWorld is a social networking website for the European social elites. It is a private community that is by invitation only which means you can only join when you've been invited by a current member. If you find A Small World website blocked from your computer from your office or school, you can use these proxy websites to unblock from your computer. Check them out:

Badoo Proxy Sites

Badoo is one of the top social networking sites in Europe. In case Badoo is blocked from your computer anywhere. You can use these proxy sites to unblock Badoo from your computer and gain full access to it again so you can connect with your European friends online.

Social Networking Proxy Sites

Social Networking Sites are so hot right now that sometimes they get blocked from school or office. But when there's nothing to do on a school or office break time and you want to check out MySpace, Friendster, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut, Black Planet, Buzznet or any other social networking site out there to fight boredom. You can use these fresh proxy sites to unblock and access any social networking site:

Dailymotion Proxy List 1

Watch cool videos again in using this unblockers to help you bypass your school or office blocking software. These Daily Motion proxies are guaranteed to work on any computer, just go to any sites below to start surfing daily motion again

Daily Motion Proxy - unblock from your school or office
Privacy Want - use our proxy service to unblock Daily Motion
Fake Me - lets you bypass website filters and unblock firewalls quickly
Keep Proxy - unblocker that can be used proxy to help you unblock dailymotion

Yahoo Mail Proxy List 1

Wanna check an important mail in your Yahoo Mail inbox but you can't because it it blocked? Don't worry coz you can still access Yahoo Mail by unblocking it using proxy sites listed below:

Yahoo Mail Proxy - all around proxy
Yaddayadda - free proxy service which enables visitors to browse the web anonymously
Roxys - can be used to view websites that are blocked at school or work
Damgod - allows users to anonymously view filtered websites

Multiply Proxy List 1

Multiply is fun and blocking fun is not healthy. You can use these proxy sites to unblock Multiply from any firewall so you can upload your new pictures and view others pics as well. So just go to these proxy sites and have fun!

Multiply Proxy - proxy for multiply and other social netwroking sites
Hide My Ass - anonymous free proxy service to hide your online identity
TechyKid Proxy - proxy for popular sites like multiply

YouTube Proxy List 1

Is it boring in your school or office because YouTube is blocked? Well it's a great stress reliever watching funny videos on YouTube, so you find ways to unblock YouTube. Good thing there are proxy sites that you can use to unblock YouTube and here they are:

YouTube Proxy - unblocks youtube from any firewall
Boot Proxy - good proxy site for youtube
Proxy Foxy - youtube and all around unblocker
YouTube Proxy 2 - proxy for youtube and other cool websites

Orkut Proxy List 1

Unblock Orkut with the help of these anonymous proxy servers to help you bypass any firewall. Check them out:

Orkut Proxy - fast orkut proxy and more
Orkutoxy - bypass the internet filter at any school, college and office.
Orkut Proxy Tricks - access blocked sites at your workplace and school
Orkut Unblock - access or unblock orkut and talk to your friends online
Browse Orkut - access orkut and different sites securely and anonymously

Hi5 Proxy List 1

One of the coolest site is blocked from your PC? No worries mate! Proxy sites are here to help you unblock it by making you anonymous so that you can bypass the block! Jus go to these proxy sites listed:

Hi5 Proxy - unblock Hi5 free proxy
Hi5 Proxy Now - Hi5 website blocked? browse through this proxy site instead!
Hi 5 Proxy 2 - robust Hi5 proxy
Hi5 Proxy 3 - good hi5 proxy site to unblock hi5

Bebo Proxy List 1

You don't have to cry when Bebo is blocked from your home of school computer. There's still a way you can access it fully with the use of a proxy site to unblock it. Just go to these websites and browse Bebo thru a proxy server:

Bebo Proxy - bebo proxy server and more!
Bebooxy - access bebo anytime and anywhere with this great proxy site
Apeseek - bypasses any restrictions to access bebo
Unblock Bebo - unblock bebo at any firewall protected place
UKeepAccess - helps you unblock bebo and anonymous access it by proxy

Facebook Proxy List 1

Is Facebook blocked from your computer? You don't have to worry because there are Faceebook proxy sites that can help you unblock Facebook so that you can browse it completely again.

Facebook Proxy - proxy for facebook and other websites!
Facebook Unblocker - fast anonymous proxy site you can use to unblock facebook
Facebookoxy - access Facebook from anywhere and browse the web anonymously
Big Doctoring - visit any restricted site in networks using this facebook unblocker
Facebook Proxy 2 - bypass and unblock all known internet filters

Friendster Proxy List 1

Now you can unblock Friendster from your office, school or wherever with the help of this proxy sites. Check them out:

Friendster Proxy - proxy for friendster and more!
Friendster Proxy 1 - friendster style proxy
eFriendster Proxy - anonymous Friendster proxy
Friendsteroxy - fast free anonymous and private proxy site

MySpace Proxy List 1

Here are some MySpace proxy sites that you can use to unblock MySpace from your school or office:

Myspace Proxy - all around proxy
Avoidr - free proxy server
Start Unblock - access any blocked sites at school or work
OCRig - proxy for myspace and more!

What is a Proxy Site?

A proxy site is a basically a website that enables you to bypass or unblock websites that are blocked from your personal computer or network computer by a firewall or content filter. Use a proxy site when you find that your favorite website is blocked and you need to access it.

Using a proxy site is easy, just go to any proxy site, type in the URL of the website that is blocked in the text field that the proxy site provides then click the "go" or "enter" button and you'll be able to unblock the site and browse it fully again.

NEW FREE PROXY LIST aims to provide you fresh proxy site list daily to bring you new and fast proxy sites that you can use to unblock many of your favorite sites like YouTube, MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut and more!

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